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Our dairy has recently been renovated to keep up with the growing demand for our delicious products!


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All our yogurt is made clean-dec! This means it is made the traditional way, with only milk, cream, skimmed milk powder and cultures.


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Dairy Manufacturers in Preston

Little Town Dairy Ltd. is a family run business producing a wide range of cultured milk products, including: Yogurts, Soured Cream, Crème Fraiche and Buttermilk.

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Would just like to say how tasty your yogurts are !! My husband never used to eat them until we tried yours. Our fave is the toffee. Thank you for brightening lockdown with these tasty treats ❤️

Hazel Turnbull9 June 2020

Sirs, I have just eaten a tub of your buttermilk that I purchased from DeliFresh in Bradford. I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to various milk products, having grown up in Israel in the 1950s when these products were amongst the finest and buttermilk was something I drank every day. I have purchased from supermarkets here many times but, as a new customer to DeliFresh, this was my first taste of yours and it was vastly superior to all those I had purchased from the supermarkets previously.

In the event that DeliFresh stop selling to the general public when this pandemic is over, do you supply anyone in Leeds.

B.Epstein31 May 2020

Hi there,

I absolutely love your yoguts I first tried them on a cruise ship and nothing compares.

30 May 2020

Hi I just needed to tell you about your buttermilk.
It is the best I have ever used.
After making soda bread for years this is the only one I will use now as it has a wonderful texture. I purchase it from Booths at barrowford near Nelson .Where can I purchase your low far yogurt, Best Regards Eileen

Eileen13 May 2020

Yoghurts always top quality, full of flavour, great texture and a good range to choose from! always feels like a treat to eat!

Jen Cavell


When I younger ( in the 60's or early 70's ) my Granma gave me a yogurt, it was awful and from that day I never had another. My wife, the lovely Susan,has been telling me that they are no longer the same and so she bought me one of your strawberry and Cream yogurts from Booths supermarket, it was lovely. Thank you for changing my view of yogurts, this could be the start of something new, to me at least, and it won't be the last of your yogurts we buy.

Thanks again

Tony Banister12 May 2020

Hi there!

I've just eaten my first rich and creamy toffee flavour yogurt.

And when I say first, I mean this was the best I've ever had; the first that truly warrants being described as "rich and creamy"

I am no slouch on the toffee yogurt front, but you've beaten Anne Forshaw (my favourite) into the runner-up spot!

George Williams12 May 2020