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Our dairy has recently been renovated to keep up with the growing demand for our delicious products!


Our Products

All our yogurt is made clean-dec! This means it is made the traditional way, with only milk, cream, skimmed milk powder and cultures.


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Environment & Sustainability

As custodians to this beautiful part of the country we are well aware of the responsibility that lies with us to preserve, restore and improve the wildlife habitats and environment on our land. This includes reducing water pollution, increasing woodland creation and flood risk management whilst encouraging educational access as members of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

Our Aims

Little town aims to become Carbon Neutral by 2040, planting our own onsite woodland for the local community to use!


All wastewater is re-processed onsite.
All cardboard waste is recycled.
LED , energy efficient, lighting has been installed on auto sensors in public areas to reduce energy consumption.
Any other waste is managed by Gaskell’s waste, who’s state of the art Material Recycling Facilities further separate the waste, 100% of all waste they receive is reprocessed here, where it is segregated to recover as much recyclable material as possible.

Animal Welfare

90% of our liquid milk travels less than 1km from our own Red Tractor accredited farm, the rest is sourced from other local assured farms.

65% of all the cattle reared have access to grazing for a minimum of 6 hours per day, 120 days a year.

There is no tethering permitted.

The farm works closely with local LLM Vet centre, with a programme in place for the monitoring and reduction of lameness, mastitis, poor body condition and improving longevity.

Our dairy cows are milked using Lely automatic robotic milker’s, which means they are free to milk, feed or sleep as and when they wish!

Animal Health & Welfare

Little Town Farm also has the latest spec in animal husbandry housing young stock, specifically designed to promote animal health and welfare. This includes:

  • Group housing from birth
  • Provision of adequate bedding
  • High quality colostrum provided within the first 2-3 hours of life
  • All calves are born on site in the purpose built dry-cow house, located next door to the young stock house, therefore there is no transport time.
  • All calves are reared to produce milk on our own farm, supply beef to our farm shop or sold at the local auction.

Ethical Sourcing & Food Provenance

All our product bases are clean-dec, which means they are only made from Milk, Cream, Skimmed Milk Powder and live Cultures!

All our products are made here at Little Town Dairy, in Great Britain

All our raw material suppliers are based in the UK!

All our suppliers undergo a thorough approval process, including checks on their Environmental Policy, Modern Slavery Policy and GMO Policy.

Working with our suppliers

All fruit preparations are now sourced in bags within returnable trays instead of the plastic pails used previously. We are working closely with packaging suppliers to reduce the use of single use plastic within the business.
We are working with our packaging suppliers to come up with an alternative to plastic packaging, including paper cups, aluminium pouches and packaging made from recycled plastic.

Employment & Modern Slavery

We know we would be nothing without the Little Town Dairy team, with members of staff working here for over 25 years! We always ensure they know they are appreciated…

  • All our employees receive a contract of employment within the first 6 months of their start date
  • All our employees are legal working age and have the right to work in the UK
  • All our employees are paid more than the national living wage!
  • We have a long service awards policy, awarding employees with gift cards and extra holiday days for their commitment to the company
  • We also carry out checks on our suppliers to ensure they have a Modern Slavery Policy and are aware that it is still an issue both globally and here in Great Britain

Community Work

Here at Little Town Dairy we like to give back to our local community, some examples of this are:

  • Supporting the local charity , Thornley Community Space to raise money to make an old school into a community hall, including storing materials, helping with clean ups and organising fund raisers!
  • Sponsoring the local agricultural shows and sports teams
  • We are in the process of planting woodland and improving public foot paths through our land from the local town, so that our community can enjoy a peaceful walk through the country side to our site without the danger and disruption of the main road.